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French Bulldog

Talula was our first girl and the reason we are doing this.  She is an amazing mom and has had the cutest puppies!

Talula: Females
Talula x Phantom_edited.jpg


BORN May 31, 2022! 

Taula had 7 puppies! 6 beautiful girls and 1 handsome boy!

Talula: Available Pets


Born May 31, 2022! 

1 boy and 6 girls!

Talula had her litter overnight May 31, 2022!  She had 7 beautiful babies! 

  • Health Guarantee

    The warranty period for this puppy is on year from pickup date. This warranty covers fatal and life altering congenital diseases. This includes sever hip dysplasia as well as kidney, heart, pancreas, spine, and liver problems of a severe, life threatening or altering nature. If the French Bulldog puppy dies within this contract’s effective period, the buyer agrees to assume financial responsibility for an autopsy on the puppy, to be performed by a licensed veterinarian to determine the cause of death. Buyer agrees to forward the written autopsy report to the seller. If the cause of death is found to be any affliction listed in the health warranty section of this contract, the seller agrees to replace the puppy with one of similar identifying characteristics as those listed in the identifying information for the French Bulldog puppy section of this contract, unless characteristics are unavailable to the seller or otherwise specified by the buyer. Buyer agrees that there is no monetary refund of any kind, full or partial guaranteed or implied. The puppy must exhibit the congenital defect within the effective period of this contract. The buyer agrees to notify the seller of the problem as well as furnish veterinary report stating the affliction within two business days of the problem’s discovery.

Talula: Available Pets
Talula: Pro Gallery
Talula: Image
Talula: Pro Gallery
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