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Born December 11. 2023

Puppies have ARRIVED!!!! We are so happy to announce that Frankie and Midas puppies were born December 11, 2023! They had 3 beautiful girls and 2 stunning boys!

We are so excited to announce that we have put Frankie, who we co-own with Show Me Bulldogs LLC , with Midas, from Vixen Frenchies!  This litter will be born and whelped in Missouri by our partners, Show Me Bulldogs!

Blue and Tan Female RESERVED

Merle Female

$4,000 Pet ONLY

Cocholate Male 

$4,000 Pet
$5,000 Full Rights

Lilac Male 

$4,000 Pet
$5,000 Full Rights

Chocolate Female 

$4,000 Pet
$5,000 Full Rights

Frankie x Midas: Projects
Frankie x Midas: Pro Gallery
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